Recent work

“The Losing Coast: Picture the outline of the state of Louisiana, and the image in your mind is wrong. Louisiana is losing ground,” for The Statesider, and selected for the 2021 Best American Travel Writing and a winner in the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

“A tiny town’s mining past brings movies, tourists, and environmental problems,” for The Washington Post.

“Climate change is acidifying and contaminating drinking water and alpine ecosystems” for Scientific American

“What happens when the lure of outdoor rec starts to pull people onto tribal lands?” for the Colorado Sun

Reporting project on why 30-40% of homes on the Navajo Nation are still without running water, an investigation supported by the National Geographic Society’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists and The Water Desk, an initiative of the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado:

“A century of federal indifference left generations of Navajo homes without running water”

“As water reaches eastern Navajo communities, it brings possibilities and homecomings”

“Botanists Strive to Identify Every Plant at Gila Cliff Dwellings,” for New Mexico Magazine

“The Race to Conserve America’s Black-footed Ferrets,” for Undark

“COVID-19 pandemic complicates 2020 wildfire season,” for New Mexico In Depth

“How Protecting Birds Can Save Western Rivers,” for Earth Island Journal

“Preparing Trees for a Changing World” for Earth Island Journal

“Your Flame-Resistant Tent Could Give You Cancer,” for Outside

“Water crisis hits Navajo community amid looming COVID-19 fears,” for New Mexico In Depth

“More Water or More Wild: The Decades-Long Struggle over the Gila River’s Fate” for Bitterroot Magazine

“The prospect of more Airbnbs tempts a struggling New Mexico town,” for High Country News

“New Mexico wants to make bikepacking mainstream” for Outside

“Colorado Farmers Hope to Head Off Water Shortages By Letting Their Fields Go Fallow” for Bitterroot Magazine

“Fracking Sacred Ground” for Orion

“Fractured Communities: Oil and gas development near Chaco divides as it conquers” for the Santa Fe Reporter Purchase the extended e-book version here.

“An owl fly-by prompts a second look at an Arizona mine” for High Country News

“Life After Coal: San Juan miners, economists wonder what’s next” for New Mexico In Depth

“Thru-hiker Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson’s Big Year” for Backpacker

“Congress Let the Land and Water Conservation Fund Die—and the National Parks Could Pay the Price” for Backpacker

“New Habitat: The battle over Wolf Creek’s base area has hinged on lawsuits for decades. Will a proposed road change things?” for Elevation Outdoors

“Growing Home: In her latest book, ‘Deep Creek,’ Pam Houston gets real about how her ranch raised her to be the kind of woman her parents never could” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“High Stakes Race: Oil and gas industry and environmentalists square off over next governor” for New Mexico In Depth

“Making it Go ‘Boom’: Oil and Gas Association hopes to ride latest boom to increased power and popularity, while towns stretch to keep up” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“Native Voices: Back in 2016, five tribes and the outdoor industry united around one national monument. In 2018, Colorado state officials want to turn that historic coming together into a lasting alliance and long-term policy” for Elevation Outdoors

“How Unsupported Runner Joe McConaughy Broke the Overall Appalachian Trail Record” for Backpacker

“Picture More People Outdoors: Shifting who sees themselves in outdoor rec is one step toward saving the planet” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“Predator politics: A new federal plan for Mexican wolf management meets states’ wants, but does it meet the wolves’ needs?” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“What the border wall means for endangered species” for Backpacker

“What a Waste: Oil Conservation Commission doubles density of wells in San Juan Basin” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“Breathing in Danger: Research maps health risks of oil and gas development as campaigns continue for reduced emissions” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“The Sweetest Spot: All the adoration of Pie Town has brought business, and change, to a timeless destination” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“Cornered: Mexican wolf management to appease livestock producers may run out the clock on recovery” for the Santa Fe Reporter

“She Flew Solo: Photographer Anne Noggle takes flight in museum retrospective”

“What Lies Beneath the Eastern Plains?” for Elevation Outdoors

“Carrying on with a heavy load: Sherpas continuing conversation on increased wages and life insurance in the wake of Everest tragedy” for Boulder Weekly

“Endangered again: Fish and Wildlife proposal prompts debate from wolf advocates” for Boulder Weekly

“The Boy and the Buffalo: After chaining himself to a Yellowstone gate to stop bison slaughter, Comfrey Jacobs faces three years without access to the buffalo herds” for Boulder Weekly

“Who’s afraid?: Wyoming’s open hunting season on wolves could kill Colorado’s chances of getting a pack of its own” for Boulder Weekly

“Ground-level gods: A few days on foot in India reveals the everyday divine” for Boulder Weekly